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Miss Ria Harpsichord


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I enjoy taking a personal approach with my slaves

It’s often necessary to scrutinise every facet of a slave's life to train them to be productive and useful to me. Under my watchful eye, you can become my perfect tool - all you have to do, is submit to me completely.

Only the most loyal and committed slaves can become owned by me and I don’t let location get in the way of that. Some of my most dedicated servants have never had the chance to see me in the flesh, but you might be lucky...

Micromanagement is a form of distance domination, but if you are able to work hard for me you will be granted the opportunity to meet me in person and may be treated to special privileges. This is your opportunity to feel what it’s like to be my lifestyle slave.

This form of domination can be combined with BDSM dungeon sessions, dinner & domination, financial domination and chastity key holding. We will have regular Skype sessions, I will monitor your progress in all aspects of your life (dietary, fitness, financial, social and sexual) through the use of smartphone apps, teamviewer and my extensive excel “naughty list” of all the terrible things you have ever done.

This is as close to Total Power Exchange (TPE) as my schedule allows. I will turn you into a placid, pliable and submissive creature. You will perform tasks both menial and humiliating - whatever I desire is your duty to fulfil. Your every move will be studied and controlled. I am the FemDom Big Brother and resistance is futile.

Be completely dominated and controlled by paying monthly - the fee is decided on a case-by-case basis and application requirements are thorough. You will need to support your application with a tribute before I reply - serious slaves only.

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The method to arrange a session or meeting use the contact page
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