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How should I address you?​

I prefer to be addressed as Miss Ria throughout all communication. In sessions you may call me ‘Miss’ or ‘Mistress’. I will not tolerate being referred to as ‘Princess’ or ‘Your Majesty’.​

Do you need any lifestyle slaves?​

I am occasionally in need of lifestyle slaves but if this opportunity arises, I will ask the lucky slave personally. If you do not know me well enough for me to contact you directly, do not expect to be asked to be my lifestyle slave. If you have a use to me, I will let you know what that is.​​

I’m new to this, do you have sessions with beginners?​

I love to ‘break in’ a new slave. If you’ve never seen a pro-domme before, expect a personally tailored and professional experience. If you have no experience of BDSM at all, a first-time session will be about testing your boundaries, pushing your buttons and finding your weaknesses.​

How should I prepare for a session?​

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, in the presence of a Goddess, make an effort. It is customary to arrive with a gift, it doesn’t need to be of great expense but a token of your gratitude. Any remaining fees to be paid will need to be presented in an envelope. If you have specific toys you would like to use, why not bring them with you? And for sissies, you will be expected to, at the very least, provide a pair of heels that fit you.​

I can’t see you in person, can we have an online session?​

I am very particular about the slaves I offer online sessions to. Mention your interest in online servitude when filling out a Contact form.​

I want to see you today, how do I book a session?​

For all booking I require at least 24 hours notice but more often it will need to be a few days in advance. This is to ensure that I am well-prepared for what the session will involve, make travel arrangements and beautify myself. Without this preparation, you would be booking a session where I turn up late, in jogging bottoms and with no plan. Find a few dates and times in your calendar that you are available, fill out a Contact form and we can talk more about our session, you can even book a few months ahead of time.​

When are you available?​

My availability varies from week to week and available slots fill up fast, it's best to use the contact form to tell me when you're interested in meeting me.

Check my Twitter for updates on the events I attend.​

Why do I need to pay a deposit? Don’t you trust me?​

Unfortunately, people are unreliable. A deposit is required for a booking so that I know you’re serious about having a session and to ensure I don’t end up out of pocket if you change your mind. The deposit covers any dungeon hire fees or travel expenses and any time I have spent planning our session. It’s transferable (minus any fees incurred) but it is non-refundable and non-negotiable.

Do you attend any events? Can I see you at an event?​

I often attend fetish events in London with my friends and lifestyle slaves. This is my time to relax, play and catch up with friends. It is not a time to pander to your kinks and it is not an opportunity for you to try and get a free session with me. If you wish to attend an event with me, you can Tribute me to do so.​

I’m not ready for a session with you yet, how can I get to know you?​

If you think you would feel more comfortable getting to know me at an event rather than a session, see above. Otherwise you can arrange to meet me in for a date or drink, this needs to be paid for with my expenses covered, see Tribute for more info.​

I don’t have a lot of money, can I get a discount?​

I have been known to adjust my fees for my loyal and long-serving slaves but I will NEVER offer a discount for a first-time session. Do not insult me by asking.

Do you sell used item like underwear, stockings and shoes?​

I occasionally sell used items, if you have a specific request for these, mention this when filling out a Contact form.​

What’s your location?​

I’m in North London most of the time and I visit Bristol regularly. I hold sessions at the Peacock Parlour, see Serve me for more information.​​

I offer outcall sessions within the London area and I do meet slaves at well-reputed hotels for a surcharge. Mention this in my contact form for more information. Sessions can be arranged outside of London but are 

Can I come to your house for a domestic session?​

The short answer is no, you may not. I do occasionally offer domestic sessions in various apartments in London. If you would specifically like a domestic session, mention this when filling out a Contact form.​

Do you offer public humiliation sessions?​

I practice S.S.C kink in ALL of my sessions and as a result, I do not involve any persons in my sessions without their consent. This includes members of the public, your boss and your wife. If you wish to be humiliated at a kink event, see above.​​

Can I touch you during the session?…What about touching myself?​

You may not touch me unless I instruct you to do so. You may not touch yourself unless I instruct you to do so.​

Do you offer personal services?​

Slaves are welcome to make a bid on personal services starting at £100,000. Oh? You can’t afford that? Then sorry, no.​

Do you offer double sessions?​

Yes, I do. Visit my Double Dom page for more information.​

I’d like to get you a gift, what do you like?​

Thank you for asking, I am quite particular so I’ve made it easy for you, see the Spoil Me page for inspiration.​

How can I contact you?​

The only way to get a response from me is to fill out a Contact form.

The method to arrange a session or meeting use the contact page
for a more detailed application.

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