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Miss Ria Harpsichord

Cruel play sessions

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BDSM need not be all high-protocol, whips and latex

I have found that a firm hand and a strong pair of thighs is all that is needed to assert my dominance. Sometimes Mistress Harpsichord needs to take off her heels, loosen her corset and take a break...this is when Miss Ria comes to play.

In my play sessions I am the girl next door that makes your life hell, but you can’t get me out of your mind.

I will control and humiliate you in just my jeans and t-shirt. I will laugh at your pathetic attempt to dance for me. I will spill my drink and make you clean it up with your tongue. I will tickle you while you’re pinned between my thighs. I will make you eat an entire jar of mayonnaise, just because you can’t say no to me. I will slap, scratch and choke you. Because I can.

I am the school bully, a sadistic teen, the girl who rejected you in highschool. As soon as you meet me, you will become the awkward teenager you once were. I know you would love it if I were your girlfriend, but today you’re just my plaything.

These sessions are relaxed and playful, they can be in a domestic setting or hotel instead of a dungeon.

I leave the black clothing, heels and heavy-duty equipment and opt for a more casual approach. This is the girlfriend experience (GFE) equivalent of a no-sex BDSM session and can be combined with any of the activities on my interests list.

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