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You should be sucking my boyfriend's cock

I heard a rumour that you secretly love dick. I don't care if you think you're straight, my boyfriend is here and he needs his cock sucked, I think you have just the right mouth for the job.


Be My Cuckold

It's no secret that powerful women attract flocks of admirers from all walks of life. For the overwhelming majority, the only way to be granted an audience with a beautiful, Dominant woman such as...

Manchester sessions - 14th & 15th December with Mistress Karina

I will be travelling to Manchester for Bitches Unleashed in December and taking domestic sessions on the 14th & 15th with my good friend and fellow humiliation queen, Mistress Karina of Liverpool....

Testimonial from Slave R. - Hotel Session

After having a wondeful double session with my regular Slave R. I was reminded that he sent me a testimonial from our very first play session together. He has since been to see me for several dinner dates...

New Sardax artwork

Oh, I am a lucky girl. I have been treated to another artwork by the incredibly talented, Sardax. 

The task here was to capture a subtle essence of Femdom, the slave who comissioned the work adores...

SPECIAL OFFER Domestic Sessions 18th-20th May

You lucky, lucky things.

I will be holding domestic sessions in North London for a reduced rate of £160 per hour.

I love playing in a more natural setting, it allows my creativity to flow and...

Cruel play sessions

BDSM need not be all high-protocol, whips and latex

I have found that a firm hand and a strong pair of thighs is all that is needed to assert my dominance. Sometimes Mistress Harpsichord needs to...

Sex Magic & Ritual BDSM

Mother Nature, Coatlicue, Ishtar, Isis, Kali.

I take my name from the Goddess Rhea, the daughter of Gaia, the Greek Goddess of the Earth. I believe that all women are divine avatars of the Earth Mother,...


I enjoy taking a personal approach with my slaves

It’s often necessary to scrutinise every facet of their life to train them to be productive and useful to me. Under my watchful eye, you can...

Novice sessions

Beginning your journey into BDSM can be intimidating

You may have a rough idea of what excites you and what your fantasies but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you have experimented with handcuffs...

Dinner & Domination

You’ve finally worked up the courage to meet Me

You’re afraid of what it will really feel like to be at my feet. You’re terrified of seeing me tower above you, surrounded by the...

Photography by Jenny Gosling

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce Jenny Gosling, I am honoured to call her a friend and have been very lucky to work with her on various shoots. 

Jenny is sex-work positive; she has worked...

Bristol Sessions 11th - 13th of May

Did you miss me?

I will be returning to Bristol for BDSM sessions, vanilla or light dominantion dates and financial domination meets. Spaces are VERY limited, prebooking is essential.

You will...

The Beautiful Art of Sardax

I've been lucky enough to have been treated to a wonderful sketch of myself by the ever talented Sardax in the past, but this new rendition really is astounding.

Sardax was kind enough to approach...

The importance of Professional Domination

I would like to my followers and visitors to read this fantastic piece of writing about pro-domination. I’ve been permission to share it in full by the wonderful Mistress Michelle Lacy...

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