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Miss Ria Harpsichord

Miss Ria Harpsichord is a young Professional and Financial Dominatrix based in London and Bristol. She provides BDSM services online and in in-person sessions and regularly tours the UK. Miss Ria is also a lifestyle domme who enjoys financial domination as well as more traditional BDSM practices including D/s, bondage, impact play, sensation play and humiliation. Hauntingly beautiful, Miss Ria is known for her charisma and keen intellect, a meeting with her is as psychologically challenging as it physically demanding.​

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Brunette hair and golden-era Hollywood features
I am drawn to whatever gives me the most power over you.

 I am Miss Ria Harpsichord, a young dominant woman with a twisted sense of humour. I enjoy treating my submissives as playthings to amuse myself with by using any means necessary. Although I do have my own kinks and fetishes, I describe myself as a control freak and as such my interests circulate around gaining and exercising that control in a variety of creative ways.

My looks are of a classic beauty with long brunette hair and golden-era Hollywood features. Though I am of elegant appearance, my physical strength allows me to administer punishment with a surprising force. I am well-spoken and my cruelty is often interjected with tenderness and soft words for my own amusement. I’m a master of mindfucks and enjoy inflicting creative and unusual punishment humiliating for a unique experience.

I receive a lot of messages from slaves asking to play with me. Read through my site in detail before attempting to book, I can immediately tell when someone hasn’t bothered to familiarise themselves with who I am and what I do. If you show this kind of disrespect, your application will go straight in the trash.

I am a professional Dominatrix and Financial Dominatrix, I am not looking for personal relationships or live-in slaves. If you wish to book a session with me read through my interests on the Serve Me page and send an application through the Contact page.

If you want to attend an event, have dinner or go shopping with me, this must be compensated. Please view Dinner and Domination for more details.

I do not engage in sexual contact during sessions. No need for an explanation here, I just don’t do that. There is a list of activities on the Serve Me page that I enjoy, if your interest or fetish is not listed please specify this when contacting me.

Stand out by sending me a cash gift via the Payment page. This doesn’t entitle you to any of my time but if you mention this gift when sending your application to serve me, it’ll make you look appealing.
If you have any questions, visit the FAQ page.

Miss Harpsichord’s Location
Dungeon sessions are held in North London and Bristol by appointment only.

The dungeon I use is the Peacock Parlour and unless specified this will be where I will take my session with you once you have confirmed a booking.

I will post travel news on my Blog and through twitter.​ I provide outcall sessions within London for a surcharge on top of my usual fee.​

If you would like to arrange for me to visit you in the above locations on a date when I am not already planning a trip, you can sponsor me to do so.

The method to arrange a session or meeting use the contact page
for a more detailed application.

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My time is spent with those who know the value of Femdom, and compensate me accordingly.

When contacting me, I expect a degree of courtesy. This can be determined by a slave’s willingness to part with their hard-earned money to show gratitude and to respect the value of my time. Tribute allows me to have time for you. The rates I have set are non-negotiable and if you can’t respect that, I do not have time for you.

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